10530 138 Street Edmonton, AB

Summer Enrollment

Glenora Child Care Society OSC is now accepting children for Summer Only care.

This can be Monthly or Weekly enrollment

Monthly enrollment is from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

Weekly enrollment is from Monday – Friday.
(Weekly fee is also available for Spring Break/Winter Break)

Participating in Summer Enrollment does not secure a spot in September

Please email Nicole@glenorachildcaresociety.ca to enroll.

Music & Movement Maestros

July 6-17

Music, Maestro! We love to create our own sound and move to the beat of our own drum. We will connect through the movement of music, games, and exercise. We will seek to explore the diversity of our play through team and individual musical and physical experience.

  • Points of interest: music, making instruments, dance, exercise, sports, etc.
  • Child suggestions: mini golf, laser tag, bike and scooter day(s), neon bowling
  • Staff ideas: Music with Marcel, trip to reuse centre to gather instrument supplies, talent show, Hide & Seek indoor playground
  • Learning domains: cognitive development, physical development, social development.

Nature Navigators

July 20-31

At GCCS we love to explore and appreciate the outdoors and nature all year round! We will be experiencing everything around us, from flora to fauna. Through our interaction with nature we will strengthen our relationship to our environment, learning about how we can contribute locally to its protection and how we can use any space around us for play!

  • Points of interest: recycling, playing team games in open areas, water play, experiences with animals
  • Child suggestions: Zoo, Kinsmen park, Borden Park, Splash Parks, River Valley, John Janzen Nature Centre.
  • Staff ideas: Animal rescue presentation, Devonian Botanic Gardens, Farm tour, Berry picking/UPick + create Friendship Salad or Soup, Community Clean Up, Plant & Flower Planting
  • Learning domains: Socio-Emotional development, Cognitive development, Physical development.

Discovery & Design

August 3-15

Our creativity knows no bounds! Whether we are creating a piece of art, a structure, or experimenting with science you will catch us pouring our ideas and knowledge into everything that we do! Individually and together we will discover our talents as artists and designers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mechanics) 

  • Points of interest: Art, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mechanics. Going through the scientific method individually and as a group. Child-led experimentation in construction, science and art.
  • Child suggestions: Telus World of Science
  • Staff ideas: Lego experience (Bricks for Kids, etc), LOVE Pizza (food science), Engineering for Kids, Mad Science of Northern Alberta, Teams create games and the group will vote on most creative, hard, fun, silly etc
  • Learning Domains: Cognitive Development, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Socio-Emotional Development.

Community Connectors

August 18-29

What an incredible community we have around us! We love to experience all the diversity in Edmonton, from the urban to the natural, to the culture and the businesses. We will become mini entrepreneurs and active citizens in our community, taking advantage of all it has to offer! 

  • Points of interest: Social interaction, community awareness, leadership, Socio-Emotional Development.
  • Child Suggestions: Columbian Coffee House, Borden or Kinsmen Park, GCCS Farmer’s Market.
  • Staff Suggestions: LOVE Pizza (if not used prior), River Valley, Fort Edmonton Park, Amazing Race challenge day in Glenora, Fringe festival street performances
  • Learning Domains: Cultural Diversity, Socio-Emotional development, Social Responsibility, Physical Development, Critical Thinking.