10530 138 Street Edmonton, AB

Our Team

All staff at Glenora Child Care Society receive certification from the Government of Alberta. Certification looks at an applicant’s post-secondary training in early childhood education or equivalent and determines if they are eligible for one of the three levels of certification. The three levels of certification are:

All staff have current First Aid, Criminal Record Checks, and Child Intervention Checks within the first sixty days of employment and renew these every three years.

Executive Director

Nicole Cedeno (Child Development Supervisor)

Program Director

Leena Priestley (Child Development Supervisor)


Kendra (Child Development Supervisor)

Chickadee Room Team

(Left to Right) Eva (Child Development Supervisor), Angali (Child Development Worker), Jane (Child Development Supervisor)

Shark Room

Ashley (Child Development Supervisor), Rachel (Child Development Supervisor), Reina (Child Development Supervisor)

Sunshine Room

Kaylee (Child Development Supervisor), Melissa (Child Development Supervisor)

Rainbow Room

Nova-Laine (Child Development Supervisor), Jonabel (Child Development Supervisor)

OSC Supervisor

Courtney (Child Development Supervisor)


Olena (Child Development Supervisor), Cat (Child Development Assistant), Melissa (Child Development Supervisor), Maddie (Child Development Supervisor), Julia (Child Development Supervisor)

Float Staff

Renee (Child Development Supervisor)


Noriko (Child Development Assistant)